Dreamland Developer is a known company in this core business of farm plot and farmhouse real estate for over 13 years and has consistently appreciated a lot of trust and loyalty from its clients over all these years.

The founders were working 10 years prior establishment of the company. The company established in year 2018, Mr. Bharat Ghatol and Mr. Azar Ansari founded Dreamland developer with the clear mindset to change the way people perceive quality” in the business of the real estate.

Today the root of Dreamland developer is spread all over Nashik and its suburbs. The Dreamland developer is managed by a board of directors with vast experience in real estate. Mr. Bharat Ghatol has 10 years and Mr. Azar Ansari has 13 years of experience in the real estate field.

Till date dreamland developer provides the services to more than 150 clients. As the completion of “Leopard Way Farms phase 1 and phase 2,” dreamland developer is now gearing up for more innovative projects. We have gained tremendous success in the farm plot and farmhouse real estate fields.

1st time in India, get your own dream farmhouse within a radius of 35 km especially in Nashik. Nowadays the getting land for farmhouses is expensive. Buying a home nearby the city as we can say our weekend home is too much expensive. Dreamland developer fulfilling the dreams of those clients who wants their dream houses at an affordable price. Dreamland developer's dream is to provide the best quality farmhouse and farm plot at an affordable rate. We truly believe in quality and that’s why our clients trust us.

Dreamland developer completed his 1st project name “Leopard Way Farms” in 2019. Leopard way farm house has successfully completed phase 1 in 2018 and 2 in 2019 at gangapur dam back water. In 2020 during the lockdown, we completed our 2nd project “Spring Mountains Farms.


To create farmhouses that are affordable for all the people in India.


To provide our customers with quality farm plots, timely, transparent dealing, and developing the best farmhouses at affordable prices and upgrade their lifestyle.